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I will say that I made it through the didactic courses, some of which were very difficult - and I did learn a lot. However, the dissertation phase has been an entirely different story. If you are in any of the programs and are currently in dissertation work - watch for these issues: 1] Slow response time from your dissertation committee. This seems like a concerted effort on the part of the University to try and get student to cycle through... Read more

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To get me in admissions totally lied and presented a picture of helpful stipends a helpful school personnel, I am still attending and some of the classes are just online? Some of the instructors just reiterate the school assignments for which we are charged 2k-3k a semester ? You are on your own regarding school work. They lied about the loans and gave me classes I didn't need because the ones necessary were not available but was told we could... Read more

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This school is sneaky, conniving, evil and have two faced admissions and financial aid counselors. DO NOT TRUST THIS SCHOOL!!!!

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As I approach my 4th year here, upset at the fact that the faculty do not care ESCPIACLLY the Financial Department & Admission Department. Getting into this school I didn't know it was for-profit, I was young I didn't know better. But as I got more information from not only working and getting fired there as a student worker, I found out more just as a student. I dread graduation, I do not plan to walk because I do not want to be around evil... Read more

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In the past year, I have been denied medical appeals twice and currently in the process of a attendance appeal. All have cost me an extra 5 weeks each and $1683 per incidence in tuition costs. I believe they were all unfair and unreasonable for a university to force a student to endure. It has caused me significant financial, emotional, and physical burden, as I am disabled and barely able to handle the normal work load, then to add appeals... Read more

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When I started at Argosy I was assured that if I went through ECE I would get equivalent credit towards the degree (from a foreign University). I saved all the electives for this purpose, paid for all the ECE documents, then was told that they would not accept the 20 credits. Now I'm left with an unfinished degree; the twenty credits would have allowed me to graduate. They want me to pay out of my own pocket for these credits and I am... Read more

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I attended Argosy University and against my better judgment, did not transfer after the first year. The unfair treatment of its students and the lack of regard for the impact their practices has on their lives is shameful! The amount of mental anguish they put their students (and some professors) through should be cause enough for this University (using this word loosely) to be shut down. After years of this treatment, I came to the end of my... Read more

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This school and their finance department are incompetent. In 2013 I took one class there with full financial funding. Somehow their financial aid department misfiled my paperwork and now they are claiming that I owe over $2000 for one class! This is going on for over two years. Now I need an unofficial transcript for my current funding and they won't provide it. I know they are allowed to with hold an official transcript, but by federal and... Read more

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I have enrolled filled out all the stuff to get grants and loans was being called by Donnie Ashford everyday order me through this orientation and was contacted by Robin was not a neutral aid lady and next time are you talk to Donnie I asked her to have I asked him to have her call me again and I have not heard from her my classes started the other night and you were supposed to call me last night and will respond and now that I've read on... Read more

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I am a current student at this college, I found out that it is not credited, and I am not being treated fairly. The teaching is poor. I am having a really bad experience. I would like to continue my education. I was told through other media resources that they are going to leave me with out a education and rob me from my loans. I have already had issues with them corresponding with my lenders. Teachers and disability services. I have had one... Read more

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